The Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator is pleased to announce its newest crop of companies accepted into the Spring 2016 cohort: Carfit, SICdrone, and Workfrom.

The three companies span a wildly diverse range of future infotainment offerings, from a diagnostic tool; to a drone technology with innovative camera systems; to software that helps mobile professionals find a workspace on the go. The latter two in particular — out of the bounds of what one would deem an automotive company — demonstrate the range of what connected car technology could enable.

The companies make up the second cohort in Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator, a 10-year program to support and advance startups whose products carve a path for the future of connected cars. Each company gains funding, access to Jaguar Land Rover global engineering resources, design support from Jaguar Land Rover’s Portland team, residence in state-of-the-art office space, mentorship from world-class leaders across a range of industries, and a community of others in the startup space to offer peer support.

Here’s the lowdown on each of the companies:

Carfit measures the health of your car like a doctor checks your pulse. Through a device located on the steering wheel, Carfit’s technology dynamically monitors vibrations and conveys diagnostic information via an app, providing insights and frictionless relationships with auto service centers and dealerships.

Why was Jaguar Land Rover compelled by this company? Carfit is looking at future technology that translates to a better experience for vehicle owners.

SICdrone develops and manufactures consumer and commercial drones with a design that provides capability for 2-3 times top speed and up to 5 times farther flights compared to existing multicopter drones, along with expanded photography capability through its variety of camera systems.

Jaguar Land Rover is interested in exploring potential use cases of drones in a vehicle context as they could potentially provide our customers with unique “birds-eye” insights. We believe that SICdrone, with its innovative technology design, is well positioned to experiment in this space with us.

Workfrom helps mobile professionals find an optimal spot to work on the fly. It’s a web and mobile platform that helps people find reliable places to park their laptops and get work done based on the things they need like good WiFi, access to power outlets and low noise levels.

Many of Jaguar Land Rover’s customers are young professionals, entrepreneurs, remote workers, business travelers, and freelancers — and they all need multiple places to get work done as they move around. Millions of these professionals are often tasked with finding an office for the day, so why not find a way to do so directly from their car? We are currently exploring the potential value of in-vehicle integration.

We’re thrilled for the companies to be joining us. They’re all moved in and the energy is high as they engage with their fellow incubator companies (including the Winter Cohort, with which they overlap), Jaguar Land Rover staff, and the greater startup community. We’re working with them now on next steps, project plans, and mentorship.

Stay tuned for an update on their progress.

Innovation Labs