Fall has arrived in Portland, and with a change of seasons comes a new batch of companies at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator.

We are pleased to welcome our next cohort: Mogol, a startup focused on increasing fuel efficiency; Nouvola, a startup developing technology which speeds and optimizes software performance; and HeadsUP!, a startup building voice-recognition hardware for cars. This will be the fourth set of companies to join the Incubator, as well as the final cohort of our first year.

(Happy almost birthday to us!)

Jaguar Land Rover has committed to working with 120 early stage mobility-focused startups over the next ten years. So far we’ve collaborated with nine companies building everything from smart things, to in-vehicle entertainment technologies, to drones, to software for automotive service centers. These next three startups bring opportunities to explore innovation across new areas, and to stretch the limits of our imagination of the future of mobility.

Lowering emissions is a priority for Jaguar Land Rover, as is increasing fuel efficiency. The company has lowered its fleet CO2 average by 25% since 2007, and we continue to explore solutions to keep the needle moving. This is one reason why we’re thrilled to welcome Mogol into the Fall Cohort. Mogol’s technology adjusts the driver’s speed via the vehicle’s cruise control system based on traffic, navigation, and topographical conditions in order to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

Nouvola, the second company to be joining us this month, is building user-friendly software that helps companies build, test, iterate, and deploy solutions faster than ever. Nouvola’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing development operations systems could help increase the speed and performance of Jaguar Land Rover’s infotainment software, effectively delivering an even better experience to its customers.

The final company in the Fall Cohort, HeadsUP!, is developing an in-vehicle voice assistant. Drivers will be able to use HeadsUP! for assistance with navigation, sending texts, making calls, and even playing music. The 6-month partnership with HeadsUP! provides the opportunity for Jaguar Land Rover to explore new approaches to enhancing our vehicle features sets, while increasing customer safety by reducing driver distractions.

We’re excited to work alongside this diverse mix of startups to create new proofs of concept, and continue our journey into the frontier of future technologies. We have no doubts that these companies – and their teams – will be a stellar addition to the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator.

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