You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet here. But we’re back! And we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on.

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves: We are Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Labs. 

Going forward, we will be moving from a singular focus on early-stage startups, to welcoming collaborations with companies from pre-seed to growth stage. This shift will allow us to innovate faster and be more agile in our research and exploration of products and technologies. 

Further, unlike our previous program, where all companies came in for a set six-month cohort, complete with a pre-designed roadmap and scheduled day-to-day activities, each relationship will be bespoke. Whether it’s spending three months evaluating product and team viability, or a year of building proofs of concept and integrations exploring intriguing use cases, every company will have an experience tailored specifically to our shared goals and objectives.

Why the changes, you ask? 

When we launched in 2016 we were focused on working with early stage startups. It was our goal to support and nurture these fledgling companies; to help them to develop their products and technologies, while strengthening and expanding Jaguar Land Rover’s offerings and contributing to the automotive tech ecosystem as a whole.

And we did.

We did some great work with those companies; work we’re proud of. It was through incubating these startups that we found our strengths, and saw how and where we could truly add value to the companies we were working with, as well as our organization. 

By being an incubator program we learned that the greatest successes for both parties came when we were able to operate like an innovation program and move into the proof of concept process quickly. That happened when we worked with companies whose products and technologies were ready to be integrated.

Through examining our successes we came to fully understand that focusing on our unique selling point - vehicle integrations - gave us the ability to deliver the greatest returns to our startups and internal stakeholders. With hundreds of accelerators and incubators around the world excelling at what they do, we weren’t going to let anyone down by making a shift in our program. So we set about doing just that.

For nine months we spent countless hours heads down and knee deep in researching, developing, and designing what our future would look like. And today, with the official launch of Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Labs, that future is here. We’re broadening our scope and narrowing our focus all at the same time - and all in the name of progress. 

It’s going to be good. Really good. 

As always, thanks for being with us on this ride. Your support and engagement has, and will continue to be, instrumental to our development and success.

- The Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Labs team

Innovation Labs