It’s mid-July, summer is in full swing in Portland, and we have officially welcomed the next wave of startups to join the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator: AVE, Validated, and Lyfeboat.

AVE, Validated, and Lyfeboat make up the third six-month cohort in the ten-year Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator program. As part of their acceptance into the Incubator, each company receives a combination of direct investment and services, Jaguar Land Rover global engineering and design resources, strategic support from the Incubator staff,mentorship from industry leaders, and designated office space in the Incubator facility.

Like the cohorts before them, these tech startups are working to break new ground in the automotive industry. From in-car entertainment experiences for autonomous vehicles, to merchant loyalty programs that reward drivers, to software that manages repair and maintenance logistics for service centers and vehicle owners throughout the vehicle’s life, it’s clear to us that the companies share the Jaguar Land Rover spirit of innovation.

A little about our Summer Cohort companies:

AVE optimizes in-vehicle entertainment experiences to meet the expectations of the growing number of passengers, in both the front and rear of cars. Using AVE’s technology, brands can deliver existing content to infotainment systems in a format that is highly efficient, easily consumable and consistent with other in-car user control models.

In working with AVE, Jaguar Land Rover looks to continue our advancements in maximizing and reinventing the driver experience and the performance and efficiency with which those features can be delivered.

Validated is a platform that feeds local commerce by connecting brick-and-mortar businesses to transportation networks. Currently live in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles, the app lets shops, restaurants and other businesses buy their customers a ride or pay for their parking as a way to show appreciation, boost spending, and build loyalty. Validated users recoup their transportation costs by meeting minimum spending requirements, and Validated merchants drive sales without undermining the integrity of their brand.

Validated provides Jaguar Land Rover with a fantastic opportunity to continue our mission of maximizing the driving experience.  Beyond the monetary and loyalty incentives provided to users, Jaguar Land Rover will look to work with Validated in a few key areas, including bridging the everyday consumer experience with smart city technology, and providing better data regarding transportation and infrastructure-use patterns.

Lyfeboat is an end-to-end software solution for auto-service centers. Lyfeboat increases service center efficiency by providing logistical tools for managing the work process, ordering parts, tracking vehicle maintenance and repair history, and more. The software also enhances the customer experience by offering an easy scheduling interface, simplifying communication during the repair process, and ensuring transparency.

Jaguar Land Rover wants to increase efficiencies for its service centers and transparency for its customers. Lyfeboat is a promising new platform that we believe may disrupt the current market for vehicle service software.

With cutting-edge technologies and stellar teams, these three companies that make up the Summer 2016 Cohort are a wonderful addition to the (still in-house) Spring Cohort. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them on board and look forward to the collaborations ahead!